Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Immersion Assembly

It was eventually the first day of Term 2, and already we had an example of what the Main Topic was for the term. We started with an Immersion Assembly. Of all the teachers performing/Entertaining us of what our Team was going to do.

I really enjoyed watching Team 3’s Item.  Which was about Colours,Light and the Speed of Light. Performed By ~ Miss King, Miss Thompson, Miss Trimble, Mrs Barks and Miss Walters. They taught us a very good lesson on what Colours can do. But the question that was asked was “ What is the colour of a Banana in the Dark??

But I was still wondering what our Team was learning about (Team 5 by the way)  As soon as Mr Burt called out Team 5. We were so excited to know what we were going to learn about this Term.  So then our teachers finally announced that our Topic for this term is “Sound”

At the end it was finally Learning Time.

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