Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Rippa Rugby Game At Eden Park!!!!

 As our trip started by going in the van to Eden Park, our coach Miss Va'afusuaga turned the radio up and we started to sing. " YEAH!!!!!!!! I yelled. While we made it to the parking lot we waited until Iron's Mum was here, and she made it!!!!.

While we got out of the van and got ready me and Asena carried our Gear bag to Eden Park. As we made it to Eden Park we waited for Miss Va'afusuaga to hand us our tickets. Shaking and shivering I was freezing cold.

As we made it to the stadium me and my team got ready and ran to the side where we were playing. While the first seven went on me, Shanika, Sisilia and Annliz were reserves. " YEAHH!!! I yelled. " You'r on" said Miss Va'afusuaga. Running onto the field the other school scored a try.

There were two surprises that we had one was getting a trophy and the other was to watch the Blues versus Reds. This was one of my favourite thing about our Rippa Rugby game we watched the Blues.

My Graffiti Artwork

Here is a art work that I made at home and at school you can just press this link to lead you THERE

Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Melted Crayon Artwork

As Art Alive was our topic for this term we started a morning off with art. The art we were going to create was to Melt Crayons onto a canvas.  

First thing we did was to put the crayons in colour order from hot to cold. Luckily we finished putting them in order quickly so the next step was to glue them onto cardboard.

While we asked Miss King if we could glue the crayons to cardboard paper, Jennifer got ready to paint the stencil on the canvas. The words we used for the stencil was the word LEARN.  Jennifer went to paint, Iron was filled with anticipation to glue our crayons. (And so was I to be the photographer.

Mao had the hair dryer, she was ready to melt the crayons. When the video camera was fully charged,  the  piece of artwork started to drip. “ YES”!!! I YELLED.  Watching the crayon crawl down the canvas the melted crayon  covered  our word.

Once our group  finished the artwork we took a photo with it .   We all looked at our art it looked  like a rainbow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Holiday!!!!!

There were two weeks of the holidays and this week and last week was it. " YESSSSSS!!!" I yelled.During the week we  went to our cousin's and grandparent's  house it was fun.

As we went to our cousin's house we  played lots of games, like touch or we would just play on the trampoline.  We took so many photos to remember this holiday.

That was a great week last week I can't wait to get back to school, and learn lots of things!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Day Of School!!

Running into class I said to my self  "yes it is the last day of school" I couldn't wait till it was home time. There goes the second bell. "YEAH!!!" I yelled.  Listening to our teacher talk we were concentration on what we were going to do  next. It was time for reading.

Getting our netbooks out of the cupboards we  got ready to do our reading. As we hopped on to our netbooks we started to  do our blog posts.  The blog post we wrote about was, on the website The Kid should see this.