Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Minecraft is a great game for Creating things. I have created things now, like houses, Tree Houses and even a Roof top for shooting Zombies. It may sound weird but it just felt creative for me. In my house there is so many COOL things that I had created. and I also have a swimming Centre with a Water Slide.

There is so many things that I  could do in my house. But it is really boring being the only one in my world.  Minecraft is the best Creating Game. SO TRY IT!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Procedural Writing 2 ( How to Score a try)

List of Materials
You'll Need these things
1. Rugby Ball
2.  A Person
3. And a Try line.
5. And a Field
Step By Step Guide to get a try!!
Step 1. Catch The Rugby Ball From Team Mate
Step 2.  Then Run with it.
Step 3. Check if your near the Try line and not getting tackles.
Step 4. Stepping through the Opposition. 
Step 5. Then get near The try and pass it to your team mate.
Step 6. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prcedural Writing ( How to stand on a Chair)


                     ` List of Materials.

1. Get a Chair
2. Put your hand on the Chair.
3. Choose your Foot
4. Lift it up.
5. Move it Forward.
6. Put it on the Chair.
7. Lift yourself up.
8.Put weight on the leg thats already on the chair so that the other can be light.
9. Lift it Up.
10. Move the other leg forward.
11. Put it on a chair.
12. Put your back straight.
13. Bring your hand to the side.

Retelling The Arcticle

Well if someone mentions Antarctica. You may seem that it has trees and forests, well you're wrong. Most of us might be picturing swept winds Ice and Huge Icebergs. But did you know that long long ago there was no ice in Antarctica? Instead most of the continents were covered in lush forests that teamed up with Animals.

Antarctica is quite different to New Zealand or Australia. Why? As it seems that Antarctica has snow it also is way colder than any other Country or Island around the Globe , also The Antarctic.

Having very cold weather can also catch a Blizzard. Blizzards really scary cause of its Damage to that Country. So did you get any facts about Antarctica???

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great Video!!!! (KSST) The Kid Should See This

Here is a clip that I caught on the site The Kid Should See This. It gave me a opportunity to check out more great videos on that Site. Hope you would enjoy and visit that Site.

Going to Rugby Games

Since it is a  Saturday Rugby games are always held. This time I was at my Cousin and Brother's Rugby Games. There were so man missed Tackles and also they had always Started Fights. `In Rugby Games this kind of thing always happen. Tackles, enjuries and Fights.

But at the end my brother's teams had lost. But Luckily my cousin had WON!! YAY!!

Sela and Asena's DLO Week 4

Here is a Presentation that my friend and I has made during the Week. We had created this for our DLO ( Digital Learning Object)  I hope you really enjoyed our Slides about Penguins.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

( Me and Jordenne's Narrative) The Dumb explorer who meets Beyonce.

Once there was a man named Pete. He was an explorer, he was a dumb explorer that had been exploring the forest for YEARS and YEARS. While he was traveling, he suddenly heard music playing out of nowhere. Pete felt happy and started dancing. He hadn’t noticed that voice before.

He tracked the music by his ears. Then he found so many Monkeys dancing. Pete started laughing at them because he said they were no good. Then Pete started showing them how to dance.

He stopped dancing, and saw so many paths, he wanted to go to all of them but he knew there was only one way to go to where the music is coming from.  But then stupidly he went to the path on the left and came back with ripped clothes.
He went to the other path on right and came back with bare feet. Everywhere he went it was Dangerous.

Finally he had the chance to walk through the path in the middle that didn’t look bad at all. Walking with damaged body parts Pete started dancing even more and FINALLY saw Beyonce!!! He smelled with shock and also Danced very HARD with her too.

Monday, June 10, 2013


This Term I have been Drawing for Competition that Miss Ouano has held. I have drew this picture to enter her competition. This is all I have done. We were meant to draw a Penguin, Fairy and a Pirate. Hope I WIN!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Maths Whizz

Using Maths Whizz is one of the coolest thing about our School. Why you think its cool. Well in Maths Whizz  you can do so many things like have challenges with other people in the world and also teach yourself. Here is the Link to that Site.  You also have your own bedroom.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Crazy Scientist who thought he was tough enough to be in a Blizzard!

Huge Blizzards are really scary right. Well some Scientists were visiting Antarctica while out of nowhere a Blizzard had hit. A person named Jack had went out of the building to check how strong was it. By then he had never survived back. .  The Scientists had tried looking for him everywhere in Antarctica, but never had any Luck..

Jack had woke up and was trying to figure out where he was. He had lay on a big block of ice near the beach.  “ Ohh Noo I think that I have been caught in a Blizzard a Huge one” Jack said with shock. Then he layed back down and went back to Sleep.

then he was terrified.   Jack had woke up again with marks on his face, marks of a beck that had been  poking him. He woke and a bunch of Emperor Penguins were surrounding  around him. By then he had just found out that he was in Emperor Land.  With so many Emperor Penguins around him.  Jack had started to  get more and more information about Emperor Penguins.

While yelling everywhere for any sign of Scientists he said  " Hello anyone gonna Look for me" Jack said. Then all the bunch of Scientists had came to Emperor land. They had been shocked seeing Jack with Penguins. So then Jack scientists happy to get some information from Emperor Penguins. Hope that Jack wouldn't went into the Blizzard.!!

Thanks to Ana for Editing my writing.