Friday, October 24, 2014

Tattoo Design

 I like this art because it symbolizes the culture I am from. In this artwork I like the colours that I have used in it. This art is mainly used in Tonga.
    Then this art symbolizes, the Maori and the country that I stay in. I actually like this of art that I have created. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is it important to have School/class rules?

                Why is it Important to have Class/School rules?

Yeah why is it important to have school and also class rules?

Well if schools did not have rules there’d be a lot of dangerous things happening like, fights, bullies, swearing and thefts. For an example dodgy things could happen during school. Without rules children are most likely to disrespect one another and the teacher.

Most schools have rules to keep Children inside the school boundaries. I think that rules are most likely helpful to help children have a better environment.

When rules are followed kids would be more respectful and kinder.  Thats why I think that rules should be set in every school.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Night Markets


What is Night Markets you may ask? Well Night Markets, are Markets that are held during the Night. Here in Auckland it is held 6 times a WEEK.

Night Markets are Located Mt Wellington under Countdown (Tuesdays), then goes through to Onehunga Dress Mart (Thursday),Papatoetoe Under K Mart (Friday) Henderson Under K Mart) Friday.Then there is Pakuranga Under the Warehouse (Saturday) Last of all its Sunday Night markets ( Glenfield- Westfield)

Night markets are filled with, Food stalls, Fun games and even stalls that sell clothes. So far I’ve been going to the Night Markets in Pakuranga and Mt Wellington.  Which are the closest from where I live.

What I look forward to at Night Markets are mostly the Food Stalls. Why? Cause there are different types of Food Stalls that are held. The most common food plates and bowls that are sold, are most likely Churros, Ice-Cream and Smoothies. But I LOVE buying the Dumplings.

Night Markets are set into two different parts, one side with games and the clothing area. Then the other with Food.  But also they sell Stuff Like Headphones, Phone cases, Shaped Balloons, Hats, Beanies and even more!!  

I really enjoy having Night Markets.  Because you can meet a lot of new people.