Friday, May 6, 2011

Rube Goldberg Machine

This is our Rube Goldberg Machine that we spent all day making! Here's a quick snap of what we did, stay tuned for an explanation.Guess what Room 13 made last week on Friday we had made a marble run with dominoes and a toilet roll, the group that I was in and the people that was in my group was : Jordenne, Mary, Thea the groups name is called Sela’s Group and that is me! It was so lovely and fun making our marble run with dominoes and toilet rolls but in the classroom there was so much noise that the dominoes kept on falling ,the Dominoes but used a couple of some marbles and some blocks and we used Thea ‘s little Brothers train track our group, made a couple of mistakes because on the first test it worked me and my friend Jordenne tried hard stacking up all the Dominoes and it was also, hard Sticking the Toilet roll with the sellotape just like a slide I mean the slide right hear in Auckland New Zealand Panmure Swimmarama but our slide doesn’t go all the way around that it just goes right down like a normal slide. This machine was made from Rube Goldberg so we were trying to make our own Marble machine it was so fun that the class was messy with so much straws, toilet rolls ,dominoes and some books block jenga blocks and normal blocks. We had so much fun and had a great time to make the machine.

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  1. Oh my! That looks like soooo much fun! That explains the hilarity I could hear from my office.

    I love posts that are almost breaking news :) Well done.

    Mrs Burt