Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Tower

This morning we had started by going into groups and by making a straw tower. We used these materials to make the towers - tape and straws. My friends and I did this activity because we were introducing our new topic for this term.

Me and my friends worked hard making our straw tower, to keep it balanced and stable. Room 13 was challenging each other to see which group could build the biggest one that could balance by it self.

The group that won the biggest straw tower and the that can balance alone, was Jabez and Uili’s group, our group came third place. There was a lot of thinking and planning involved in getting our tower just right.

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  1. Hi Sela,

    I really like your story about straw tower,and I really love what picture that you chosed that Miss King told us to choose any picture that is in our E-mail.Keep it up!!!