Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cross Country Recount 2012

Walking to our school  courts quickly and quietly,  my heart started to pound. I started to giggle and laugh as we sat down. For a moment I forgot about cross country practice, until Mr Marks  said “Year 5 girls stand up and GO”!!!!! I crossed my fingers to  hope it would rain, but it really was a nice sunny day.

So I started  running and my heart started to beat. It was beating faster and faster. Then I
stopped for a break by then  I wanted to walk. When I got up I was puffed out while running I saw my teacher Miss King. I knew I had to run but I was really tired so she would say come on Miss Sela  jog jog jog. So I jogged the whole way.

She will be  saying that all the way until I get to Mr Somerville then finally she will leave me alone!!! As I got to the end I was relieved and tired “YAY”I said. Finally cross country practise was over with a long stretch. I really hope tomorrow will rain. My goal for cross country is to try my hardest and come fourth or fifth and to never stop.

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