Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country 2012 Year 5

Feeling so frustrated that Cross Country was here, my legs started to shake and I got nervous. Walking so fast to the Reserve I wished that this was already over. As Mr Somerville asked us to line up we got ready to run. “ On your marks get set GO!! Mr Burt yelled.

Starting with a jog through the Bush Walk I got tired so fast. By then I saw muddy patches, and we had run through them “ Why OH Why do we have to run”. I got so angry because my shoes were muddy as well, teachers these days.

“ AHHH” I yelled. Yelling so loud I nearly slipped through the mud. Running through the trees it felt like a forest that we were running through.While people passing by I felt embarrassed but lucky me I didn’t come last.

Passing by a teacher she cheered me on and said “ GO SELA YOU CAN DO IT!! By then I was nearly up to our teacher Miss King. Taking off my shoes lots of mud came out, “ Eww” I said in my head. As I got to Miss King I started to sprint.

Finally I was nearly there at the finish line. “ YAY” I yelled. Crossing the finish line many people cheered me and my friend Hannah.

Then finally I waited for the older kids to run past the finish line, so I can cheer them on.  I wish that Cross Country did not even exist.


  1. Hey Sela,

    Your the same as me, I got tired so fast. But I did not give up!

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. Hi Seal
    I really like your Cross Country blog because you have right things in the right place and you got nice setence beginings.You Rock! By Faafetai