Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NZ Illustrators

Angus Gomes,
  1. What kinds of things do you see in this painting? What else do you see?
  2. What words would you use to describe this painting? What other words might we use?
  3. How would you describe the lines in this picture? The shapes? The colors? What does this painting show?
  4. Look at this painting for a moment. What observations can you make about it?
  5. How would you describe this painting to a person who could not see it?

1.What kinds of things do you see in this painting? What else do you see?  What I see in this painting is that is that, there is a man and lady standing up in poses. And that they were getting ready to go out.

2.What words would you use to describe this painting? What other words might we use?
The word that I would use is Alive and beautiful.

3. How would you describe the lines in this picture? The shapes? The colors? What does this painting show? This picture looks like a real women and men going to dinner.

BAR Camp

B: tents is what I  thought was going to happen this was my idea because we could have enough space to put our things and to sleep.
A: I would like to add was to do Rock Climbing.
R: I would want to replace  little bit of work and more of camp.


B: I wanted the movie screens to be bigger and the noise less louder.
A:  I wanted to add a water bed in my tent.
R:  I want to replace  the kitchens in the big tents to be it all in our tents

Goldilocks Narrative

Walking through the woods, three bears went off to wait for their porridge to warm up. Suddenly a little girl named Goldilocks entered the three bears cottage. Yelling “ HELLO! Through the door nobody answered. Smelling that delicious porridge she sat on to Mother Bear’s chair and said “ To soft” Then she walked to Baby bear’s chair and sat then said “ this is just right.
As she finished eating her porridge she walked slowly up the stairs and into the three bears room. Into the Moms bed and said “ To soft” Into the Dad’s bed and said “ To hard” Walking fast to little ones bed she said “this is just right”

Off the bears came

Goldilocks: Goldilocks is a little girl that lives in the woods. She has blonde hair and it is curly. Her skin colour is tan. Goldilocks also lives near three bears in the woods.Goldilocks looks this was because she just got told off to get out of the Three Bears cottage. ( She looks Furious)

Baby bear: Baby bear is a little boy that has one Mom and one Dad. He also lives in the woods. The  little baby bear looks this way because he just finished sleeping. He is dressed this way because he is getting ready to go and join the circus also his Mom and Dad.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Cookies

Last Friday night, Me and my sister were so hungry so then we try to make the best Home made Cookies ever. So then we started to make the amazing cookies. We first started with the instructions on the page and then we followed it.

We had started with the first step, follow the instructions and then at the end we had started to follow. First was to check if we had all the ingredients. Then at the end we had made a start. Th first ingredient we needed to put in the bowl was 370g plain flour, plus more to dust second was, 1/2 tsp salt 250 unsalted butter , that was diced then we went on through the ingredients.

We were making a Vanilla biscuit. Finally we could put on the pan. There were 15 on the pan it looked so small like there was only 10. We had put all in the oven and waited for a while. And me and my eldest sister Cindy went to Pak' n ' save. As we came back I checked the cookies and then it was over cooked.

But it still tasted GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012


The Manaiakalani Education Trust. In Tamaki we are starting to throw away our papers and pens and work with Netbooks. Many people are helping to get new things for Manaiakalani and people are also helping to pay children’s Netbooks as well.
I would just like to say Thank you to all the people that helped us a lot.  Really I would like to thank my parents and all the teachers. Right now we wouldn’t have Netbooks in Tamaki. But with the great teachers we have, we have what we want. Mostly I would like to thank Mr Burt and Mrs Burt for helping us getting these Netbooks.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Toy Animation

Sela Toy Story from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo. Here is my animation about my future toy. This would be amazing if it was sold in the shops. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Film Festival Review

Why should you watch this movie? Well I think that you should watch this movie because they have all that you want. Dancing and going everywhere where you want to go. They got all the things you  need great talent and some great Dancers too.

This movie was made by Tamaki students. I know that this movie is cool because of their great acting and the different places they went. With the song they choose and the great people they choose from their school to participate.

With all their great talent I rate this as a 10/10. This song that they choose is already sang by Fuse and the song is called Azonto. This wasn’t what I expected but it is still at the top of the list for me. That is why I think you should watch this movie.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Life With Toys

These past few weeks we have been learning about Toy Story. Well did you know that remembered things that I played with t when I was little I had always played with my  little pony. I had many toys that I had enjoyed playing  like a teddy bear a little car and hello kitty. I miss these toys because right now if I was little and I was bored I would get my toys and play with them. But since now that my little brother has grown he had broken them all.

My Newspaper Article

          Write a one-paragraph newspaper article about a squishy badger who gets locked in the classroom overnight.

This was quiet weird there was a squishy badger who was locked  in our classroom over night. Very very weird. Thinking in my head why would he stay there. He maybe didn't have any where to go so he would just lock him self in our class and sleep. This made me think of something wrong. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

50 wrod story about Film Festival ( Be Happy)

Here is the movie that really inspired. And also here is their link to their BLOG.

Watching lots of movies we got to a movie that I thought entertained me with happiness. This movie was made by St Pius X children. They had the word happy all over  and they gave me a great message about being happy. Happy is the way that I feel now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My friends and I made this movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our whole class had the chance to make a movie. We had to plan, prepare, film and edit all by ourselves. Our class had our own film festival to select the best two, to be shown at the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Here is my group's entry!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KSST Felix Baumgartner's

Felix Baumgartner's jump. Felix is the new world record holder for jumping off a Hot air Balloon from space here to Earth. many people around the world are so proud for him. I have found this video on Kids Should See This site. 

Swimming Term 4

Room 13 Swimming Term 4 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Getting ready into our togs we felt cold waiting outside of the pools. We had waited for a long time. I felt so excited. As many as children from our class came out of the toilets Miss King started to announced the rules in the pool.  

Finally we heard all the rules, and one of them was one by one on each set of stairs getting into the pool. Every Wednesday is so cool because of swimming.  We had so many Activities to do. One of our activities were to wear a life jacket and make a circle with everybody. In this activity we had to go around in the circle and float.

We had a great start to swimming with so many activities and lessons. At the end we had finished with great games and free time. Many of us had missed out on this because they hadn’t come with their togs.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


This term we have had so many days that had sports in it. Well did you know that our Triathlon came here to PT England. I couldn't believe it I didn't want to do it to, but as I heard that there was Swimming, Bike Riding and Running I knew I needed to join.

10 fast Fingers

Typing is the coolest thing that I have done in my life. Well did you know I have always practised at school and at home. I learn to spell new words and to learn different words too. So here is a site that I have always learnt my Typing and Spelling from.  You would just get 1 minute to finish all the words.

Here is my Results!!

Toy Story

This term we are learning about Toys. Toys are famous to children In fact to everybody. There are many toys around the world that many children can play with like Barbie, Transformers, Bop it and my even still remembers the toy Cabbage patch kids. I hope you like my wordle.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Making Toys

This Term we are learning about Toys and our Topic is called Toy Story. Many children have played with toys and designed them. I have designed a Toy from the site Mr Magorium's Toy just click this link here.  Here is my toy that I designed from that site!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Athletics 2012 Relay

Sadly Cross Country has past but now we have moved on to Athletics. Mostly the things that I don't like are Running and High Jump. But this year one of my goals were to never hate these two sports. Athletics is the most amazing event for our whole school. Shot put, Discus, Running, Softball through and Relay was the sports that I think I improved in.

It was time for Relay. Relay was our first activity to do. We would have to run back and then fourth I got so tired so fast. I couldn’t do this but I knew I had to do this for my team Mataatua (GREEN) Finally our teacher that took us around to our activities, told us the result for Relay and Mataatua in Relay came 3rd place. I knew this wouldn’t work but I know that we would always try very hard.

We had ended with so many activities. Mostly I had always come second but then someone would always beat me like in Shot Put. It was boring that we missed out on Javelin I really wanted to do it. But next time  I would be looking forward to Cross Country and Athletics as it is coming again in 2013. I am looking forward to trying to achieve even more harder goals in High Jump and Running and even more.

My Scary Story

Walking through the narrow alleyway, I saw a black board.  It was a black board on a snowy street filled with names.  There was a big space in the middle and I knew I needed to fill in my name as well, so then  I did. I wrote Alma.

Names were everywhere all over the blackboard, but I hadn’t seen these kids anywhere around the town for a long time. Looking behind me it felt like someone was watching me. But there was nobody, just a scary looking shop that looked like the head of a Shark.  It was no one, just a doll that looked exactly like me, I looked at my clothes then at the doll. It was me. I was very very very afraid. I  really liked this doll because it was  me but it scared me a lot too. Turning away from it for just a second, the doll suddenly disappeared!

Looking through the windows of the doll shop, I found it again, it was me up on a shelf. I tried to open the door but it didn’t. Picking up a snow ball I threw it at the door. Slowly I walked away, by then I heard a scratching noise from the door.  The door had opened. As I rushed back to the door I looked left then right for the doll, but there it was right in front of my face. Reaching for it I accidentally stood on a doll that rode a bike, it looked like he was trying to escape.

Happily getting onto a table I reached with my long hands and tried to get it. Touch. Touching the doll with my hands I felt so heavy I couldn’t even move either I only could look around. By then the next doll turned up on the shelf and it was my  friend Jordenne.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Future Computer

 This is a future computer that I made up. In Extension we made up our own creative computer. And this is mine.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Retell

As Charlie was walking home, he stopped and stared at something. It was a coin that was under a drain. Charlie bent down to pick it up. “Its unbelievable”  Charlie said with a smile.

Walking into the shops, he felt so hungry so he brought a chocolate bar. He asked the counter “Can a I have a chocolate bar please?” “Yes you may but what one do you want, scrumdidlyumptious” replied while showing him it. “Uhmm I think I will take the biggest chocolate bar” said Charlie.

Charlie was very very hungry. And bought the biggest bar in the shop. Ripping off the paper that covered the bar, he shoved it all into his mouth. “ Slow down you might get a sore stomach from eating it very fast” Said the owner of the shop with a weird face.  

As soon as he finished his bar of chocolate, he walked away and then turned back. He asked the counter again and said “Can I just have one more chocolate bar but a wonker one but for my Grandpa Joe.” “Sure” the owner of the shop replied with a smile on his face.

Taking ten steps out of the shop, Charlie watched a big crowd of people jostled to get the newspaper which said the fifth ticket was fake. Charlie took more steps over to some stairs where people sit and he was thinking it was his lucky chance. Carefully opening the packet he slowly unrapped the wrapper and saw the Golden Ticket, he couldn’t believe it so he shut  the wrapper again and open it back up........ So he looked at it carefully to see if it really was and it was.