Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goldilocks Narrative

Walking through the woods, three bears went off to wait for their porridge to warm up. Suddenly a little girl named Goldilocks entered the three bears cottage. Yelling “ HELLO! Through the door nobody answered. Smelling that delicious porridge she sat on to Mother Bear’s chair and said “ To soft” Then she walked to Baby bear’s chair and sat then said “ this is just right.
As she finished eating her porridge she walked slowly up the stairs and into the three bears room. Into the Moms bed and said “ To soft” Into the Dad’s bed and said “ To hard” Walking fast to little ones bed she said “this is just right”

Off the bears came

Goldilocks: Goldilocks is a little girl that lives in the woods. She has blonde hair and it is curly. Her skin colour is tan. Goldilocks also lives near three bears in the woods.Goldilocks looks this was because she just got told off to get out of the Three Bears cottage. ( She looks Furious)

Baby bear: Baby bear is a little boy that has one Mom and one Dad. He also lives in the woods. The  little baby bear looks this way because he just finished sleeping. He is dressed this way because he is getting ready to go and join the circus also his Mom and Dad.

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