Friday, November 16, 2012

50 wrod story about Film Festival ( Be Happy)

Here is the movie that really inspired. And also here is their link to their BLOG.

Watching lots of movies we got to a movie that I thought entertained me with happiness. This movie was made by St Pius X children. They had the word happy all over  and they gave me a great message about being happy. Happy is the way that I feel now.

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  1. Hi Sela,

    I like the 50 word story about your film festival! I also love the words you used to make the audience like it and keep on ready it. My favourite word is entertained. Your favourite movie is that, but my one in The Test because it is funny. I reckon you like this movie because of the beautiful song. They entertained me as well because they wrote that song by them selves instead of getting it of youtube. I like the test because it is funny. AWESOME WORK SELA! This 50 word story entertained me even though it is just 1 paragraph and only 50 words. It was very well written!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! Can't wait to see more as well!