Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rugby League World Cup 2013 (Free Blog Writing)

These past few weeks and days. The Rugby World Cup had started. Rugby world Cup is for League NOT Union. It is going to be the BEST Rugby World Cup ever. I am going for the team Tonga and the Kiwis, which is New Zealand.  

Why you may ask? Well I am from the Island of tonga and I live in New Zealand. Samoa and New Zealand has already played now we are just waiting for Scotland and Tonga to Play. The Score for the Samoa vs Kiwis game was 42 to Kiwis and 24 for Samoa. So that is a quite a BIG score. Hard luck for Samoa though.

I am still waiting for the Tonga and Scotland game to Start. 

Rainbows End The "New Theme Park" Narrative

Highlighted in Blue is my Mark and in the Yellow is my Friends. 

It was one of those hot Sunny days, where Boys had the house to themselves Playing Games All Day long. Summer had just started yesterday, so it was the second day of the MOST hottest days ever. TJ got bored and said to Jermaine “ Why bother play games can we do something  else?” Jermaine replied with a weird face “ Umm yeah why can't we just like watch a little bit of  Television”

It was like a miracle that they had turned of the Play Station for a while . Until that night TJ had gone to sleep while Jermaine was still watching T.V.  Jermaine had looked at the Screen Surprisingly and said “ WHAT THE what is that called again OHH its Rainbows End!!!!!!”

Jermaine had waited until TJ had woke up and said “ Hey TJ wake up Wake up I had been watching this ad and it showed this MEAN as Theme Park, that  just opened Should we go?” TJ woke up with a red face and said “ Umm I thought we were going to make it up to Level 15?” “ But I thought you were bored, Lets just go cause it has the Coolest and MOST dangerous looking Ride EVER!” Said Jermaine.

So then TJ and Jermaine had left  excitingly to see what  was going to happen. They had finally arrived and it looked like it was about to rain, but lucky it was only a Sunshower. They took their first steps into the Ride and by then they were as Nervous as EVER!!! There were two HUGE rides the Invader and the Rollercoaster. TJ looked at them both nervously until Jermaine Grabbed him and said “ Get Ready for the Rollercoaster”

They had got onto the ride and A LOT of people had already started screaming. It felt like you were going to fly into the sky then fall down again. It also felt like you were in a very Fast train.  The ride  had just Finished and TJ was Crying so hard he couldn’t Stop. It was one of the most scariest Rides ever. So thats when TJ wasn’t scared of Hights anymore.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sina The Inventer

It was one hot day in Asia while people were working hard for Rice Planting. It was the most HOTTEST day ever. One day a Boy named Lee wanted to help so he yelled “  Stop working too hard I think you need some help” So that morning Lee went out to get some help, and only a few Volunteered to help.

Once a man named Pete had arrived to Asia and said “  Why do you like planting Rice why can’t you plant Carrots or something?”  Than a helper replied “ yeah lets plant more things not just Rice” So the Asians all started planting new things like, Carrots, Corn and things like that.

Then they all started making these things and by then. Asia was going to be one of the BEST countries that has be planting. By then Asia had been struggling for about a Week now and Plants had all died.

It was quite sad though because they had nothing left. Until one day a Girl named Sina had found these seeds lying on the ground, for a while. Then Sina had picked it up and by then she had invented a seed that grows Ice-Cream.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pt England has Gone Google

This is a video that Google has made of Pt England School. Why? Well they had found out that our school was using Netbooks and and also  Chrome Book. I really enjoy watching this movie thats why I am sharing it with YOU. Hope you enjoy :D

Monday, October 21, 2013


These past few days we have been studying and learning about the IRD and Taxes with Miss Wood. Why you may ask? Well this week we have the opportunity to visit Wellington and talk to the people who work for the IRD.  You may be asking what does IRD stand for or what do they do? Well, the IRD stands for Inland Revenue Department, they are responsible for collecting YOUR Taxes!

What Would Happen If No-one Paid their Taxes?
If people didn't pay their taxes things would start to disappear. If you could imagine, people who are poor could be living on the streets. While the rich people would be alright ,  I have found out that India is a country that has poor and rich people living like this at the same time.

For example, mainly poor people would find having a home really hard. I believe that the rich people in India should help with the poor and pay their taxes. This is a lesson that we in New Zealand can learn from.

Last week we got to Interview our Teacher Mr S and a Dental Nurse named Heidi. Hannah and I asked them questions about their Student Loans and Taxes. We made movies with people who knows what Taxes are. 

We interviewed Mr S about his Student Loan.

Then we interviewed Heidi Our Dental Nurse. How do taxes pay for our Dental Clinic?

What are Taxes?

Tax is money that is given to the Government. Did you know that the Government spends money on Schools, Education, the Army, Navy, Dental Clinics, Social Security, Welfare and even Hospitals. Could you imagine a place without people getting into these places? The government collects the money from people in New Zealand who have jobs.

Did you know that Churches also have a kind of Tax. It is usually called Tithing. Churches collect this money to use, for Youth Camps, Chairs in their church and for members who are sick.

GST is another type of tax that takes 15% of what you pay for. It could be clothes, shoes or food. GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. 

Retelling A Story Of (A Foal Is Born)

One Day there was a horse named Del. The owner had a son and while the Mum/Owner, was doing things. Her son Ryan was ALWAYS keeping his eyes on her well I mean the horse Del. Something Surprising was going on.

 It was HUGELY surprising well Del was having Foal/Baby Horse.Ryan had always Del for about Eleven months, Ryan had watched Del grow Bigger and Bigger. Ryan said to Mum one night " It'll be born any day now"

The next morning, Ryan woke up, and his mum was down in the horse paddock. There was a NEW foal lying close to Del. It's a filly," said Dad. "She's just been born Can I go Stroke her?" asked Ryan.

Ryan looked across the paddock with his binoculars. The foal was half-covered with a sack.   That sack was actually inside of Del's Stomach. That's weird right. They had called the Foal Dotsi. So then Del and Dotsi got measured by the vet.

Why? Well they Vet measured their temperature to see if they were Healthy enough or not. So then the measuring and using the temperature began and Dotsi and Del were VERY healthy.  "So then Dotsi will grow up to be a tall mare just like her mother" Said Ryan. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Snippet

Here is a Little Snippet of what I had been creating in Term 3. Well it is an Animation. As part of studying Life's A Stage. This is myAnimation that I had been creating. It is ALL about Snow White. Hope you Enjoy!!!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Holiday

Well my Holiday may look quite BORING. But for the last to days was quite GREAT. Like yesterday I got to Visit Nana in the Hospital. Also I got to go to the Night Market that was held at the Pakuranga Westfield Shopping Centre.  Usually its packed but this time it wasn't. 

The other GREAT part of my holiday was going Shopping. Sounds COOL right. I really miss Nana. 

Immersion Assembly

I'm A Farmer and I Grow It! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This Morning. Oh Well every morning of a new Term. The teachers had performed some examples of what we would be learning about this term. Team 4 is going to be learning about Farming.  And I am REALLY excited to be learning about this. Why? Well did you know my Uncle is a farmer and that's why I am REALLY excited.

Did you know that one of my dreams were to help a Farmer. I really enjoyed watching Team 4's video. Why?? You may ask well it was a snippet of what it would look in a Farm. Well did you know that the food you eat come from a Farm. Like Wheat-Bix for an example it is made from Wheat in the farm. 

This is a Video that is quite weird and Funny at the same time. So check it out :D  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making Home Made Bread

Last Night I got the Opportunity to help my Mother Cook Home made Bread. We all had begged our mum to make this and she actually did for the first time. It was one of the BEST bread's that I have tasted. I got to help Mum put the Dough into the Oven.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

304th Post

Did you notice that this is my 304th Post since I have started Blogging. I had started blogging when I was a year 4 in Room 13. Blogging is a HUGE part of me. I LOVE blogging. Blogging is 1 of the BEST things that I have done. Make sure to leave some feedback On my posts. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another BORING holiday

Since we've started our school holidays. These past two weeks have been so BORING. All I have done these weeks are Clean our house and go to our aunties. I think that school is better than staying home. I miss going school.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The 2nd Week Of the Holidays AHHH!!!!!!!

Last Week was the 1st Week of the School Holidays. Today was the first day Of the 2nd Week and by far it is BORING. Usually we'll be at a Birthday or at my Cousins. But this week we have just stayed home and been to my cousins Nana's Funeral. It was quite Sad. So what are going to do this Week?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Part Of Our Family Has Left

You may notice that A LOT of people have left New Zealand to live in Australia. Well that has happened to my cousins. They have left because their dad had found a job their. They were one of the Most Closest families we'd had. I miss them SOO much. Bye Tualau Family :( 

Friday, October 4, 2013

All About Me

Here is a presentation that I have created. All  about Me. Hope you enjoy because I put A LOT of Effort into it.

301st Post

Did you Notice that this is my 301st Post. I had notices this post be fore I had even posted my Post before this one. 301 posts was my Goal since I had first started Blogging. 301 posts that's a BIG number. I hope you read the rest of my posts and leave some Feedback.

Inspired By The X Factor U.S.A

These past few weeks The X Factor U.S.A has started. And I have been  Inspired by Rion Paige. What had inspired?? Well she was actually 13yrs of age but looked like she was in the 20's. Rion Paige was the Best Singer that I have seen perform on X Factor. So Please Vote for Rion Paige!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Holiday Part 1

Today was the 3rd day Of the school Holiday and it feels like an Ordinary day. But SO boring. All I have done this week is Sleep, watch TV, Cleaning and Playing around out side. It was quite Fun but it would be better if we went somewhere fun Like to the pools or something.

Anyways this is the 3rd school Holidays and its SO BORING. I've got nothing to do. Well cleaning is the Number 1 thing that we do here at our house. That's why I LOVE cleaning at school too.

Film Festival's Coming Up!!!!!

In the past week my class has been creating and editing Movies for the Film Festival. The Film Festival is a Festival that is shown and held at the Sylvia Park Theatre. At the moment a group of girls and I have been waiting for this moment to come.

We had created a movie about Next Top Model for Princesses. The Film Festival is usally performed to a bunch of Schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster. The Film Festival is also held in term 4. And is probably held in Week 4 of Term 4. You should check out this site to see what you thought of the Movies from Last year.