Friday, October 25, 2013

Sina The Inventer

It was one hot day in Asia while people were working hard for Rice Planting. It was the most HOTTEST day ever. One day a Boy named Lee wanted to help so he yelled “  Stop working too hard I think you need some help” So that morning Lee went out to get some help, and only a few Volunteered to help.

Once a man named Pete had arrived to Asia and said “  Why do you like planting Rice why can’t you plant Carrots or something?”  Than a helper replied “ yeah lets plant more things not just Rice” So the Asians all started planting new things like, Carrots, Corn and things like that.

Then they all started making these things and by then. Asia was going to be one of the BEST countries that has be planting. By then Asia had been struggling for about a Week now and Plants had all died.

It was quite sad though because they had nothing left. Until one day a Girl named Sina had found these seeds lying on the ground, for a while. Then Sina had picked it up and by then she had invented a seed that grows Ice-Cream.

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