Tuesday, April 29, 2014

HAPPY Birthday.

Over the years I have created a lot of Blog Post. And right now I've just created my 345th Blog Post. So HAPPY 345th Blog Post. It is actually the 4th year I have had this blog. So Happy 345th Blog Post and 4th Year Anniversary blog. 

Term 2 Goals

These holidays I am getting ready for Next Term.  which is actually getting all my goal settings ready. My first goal that I had set was to ALWAYS to focus on school at any place. The 2nd was to get fitter. Which is mainly for Netball and sports Games. And the LAST was becoming a good role model to others. 

Next term I am going to try and work on these Goals. For a difference. I cant wait till Next Term!!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy holidays !!

HAPPY Holidays Everybody. I know its a bit late to post but HAPPY Holidays.  Today is officially the third day of the First week. At the moment I am really enjoying. With all the Sleepovers and shopping. Have a safe and happy holiday. I can't wait till Term 2. See you guys next Term.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Empathy Animation.

Here is my Empathy Animation. That I have created. It is mainly about a girl and a MEAN girl. Hope you watch my movie and enjoy it.

My Term 1 Reflection

This term I think that I have made improvements in my Reading and also my Fitness. I know that my fitness has been better because the last time I did the Beep Test was quite low. But then when we got to this Terms Beep Test it was a bit higher. Also in Reading I know that I have achieved my goals by reading everyday and learning new words and the meanings of that word.

But mostly I still need to work on my Maths and organizing my time Properly. I know this because every time I get to school I'm always behind on my School Work. Like on Maths Whizz and Studyladder. But mostly my Tasks that were set in Class.

I am most proud of my efforts to being an Great Role model towards the end of the Term. And also working my best in my tests. Which is really hard and Difficult.

MY 3 main goals for Term 2 will probably be. Getting to know my teacher better. Having fun and completing and tasks. But I am looking forward to becoming a good Leader.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Reflection

Fiafia Movie - Jordenne and Sela from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Last night our school had the opportunity to perform at our very own Fiafia Night. Which was quite crowded and hot. But the most different and cool thing was having it outside.

Walking onto the Stage gave me a lot of Butterflies. Even when I was performing. But the best part was hiding my nervousness under a SMILE.

A couple of my friends and I had been selected to be in the Tongan Girls group.  Which I really enjoyed. But why? Well it was good representing our Culture.

Dancing everywhere and getting rewarded. Last night was amazing. Representing our Cultures. But the most important part was making your group proud.

But the most coolest part was having Stalls. Of Food. Which was quite as any other Fiafia Night that has happened.

I really enjoyed performing for the Tongan Girls. We wouldn’t have done great without Priscilla, Diana, Mrs Jarman and Miss Glazes help. So THANK you so much.  

Fiafia was the most coolest highlight of the Term. I was really Excited. I cant wait till the next Fiafia.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Self Confidence

This term we have been rotating around in Team 5. Our class had the opportunity to be in Class 3 with Miss Clark. We have created Google drawing about Self Confidence.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Famous Mental Author

Once upon a time, there lived a very hairy and famous young Man. Who lived in Australia. He was an Amazing Author who loved writing stories about peoples lives. Unfortunately he had Mental Problems.  But the most weirdest thing was he will rip his book and start over again. After his story was finished, one of his neighbors heard him yelling and called the Ambulance and by then he had finally stayed normal by using Mental Pills.