Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Term 1 Reflection

This term I think that I have made improvements in my Reading and also my Fitness. I know that my fitness has been better because the last time I did the Beep Test was quite low. But then when we got to this Terms Beep Test it was a bit higher. Also in Reading I know that I have achieved my goals by reading everyday and learning new words and the meanings of that word.

But mostly I still need to work on my Maths and organizing my time Properly. I know this because every time I get to school I'm always behind on my School Work. Like on Maths Whizz and Studyladder. But mostly my Tasks that were set in Class.

I am most proud of my efforts to being an Great Role model towards the end of the Term. And also working my best in my tests. Which is really hard and Difficult.

MY 3 main goals for Term 2 will probably be. Getting to know my teacher better. Having fun and completing and tasks. But I am looking forward to becoming a good Leader.  

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  1. Sela
    I saw that you have Basketball listed in your label for the post but didn't see any mention of Basketball in your goals. Is Basketball coming up next term for your school? Or did you not mean to stick it in your label? We had a very busy finish to school here at the end of term but term two will be here very quickly and we have lots of activities coming up in term two for our students.
    Mr Webb