Monday, October 19, 2015

Thinkboard Week 2

Every week our Numeracy Class always has this task set for us. But each week our equation always changes. In my learning I used Partitioning to solve this.

Immersion Assembly - Term 4

Immersion Assembly

Finally the first day of Term 4 had come!! I was really looking forward to what our topic was going to be.  It was Monday morning as I rushed into our classroom door. Filled with excitement I dashed quickly to  our classroom’s wall which had a poster of what we were going to be learning about. SURVIVOR, was our Topic for this term!

The 8:45 bell had rung, I quickly ran towards the hall as all the prefects were waiting for me. Assembly had finally started!! The items from Team 1 - 4 were amazing!! Knowing that team 1 was going to be learning about the zoo and even going on a trip to the zoo sounded surprisingly fun!

Then there was team 4’s movie. I think it was one of the best movies that were shown. Why? Well in the movie they showed four students getting interviewed in the green screen room. While they were getting interviewed there was a movie playing in the background, it was showing different animals. So in the end Team 4 is learning about how animals live.

It was now Team 5’s item. While our teachers were getting closer to the stage. The prefects and I rushed towards the back to find out what our team was learning about. When we got there our teachers had already started performing. Waiting waiting and waiting, finally they started their performance.

Their performance was amazing. Soo team 5 is learning about how people and animals eat and survive in the places they live in. Sad thing was it was our year 8’s last Immersion Assembly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thinkboard Master

First Thinkboard of this term!! I've finally completed my first ever  thinkboard for Term 4. In this thinkboard I am using (Rounding to the nearest ten ) Strategy to get the answer.