Monday, October 29, 2012

Building Lego on Chrome

Lego is the most amazing toy to create with. Lego is for many children 1- 18 years old. Did you know that I am 10 years old and I still play with this toy. Here is a link to that site : LEGO

Jimmy The Bull Rider Show Off

“ Ohh my gosh he is  flying ” Jumping onto a bull, Jimmy the young bull rider showed off his great skills. He really was in the air. What a big show off he is. It looked like this was going to end very badly. I covered my eyes and waited till the end.   

I thought  this bull was going to jump in a bad way but luckily it didn’t. With its horns sticking out, I knew  one of them was going to hit Jimmy’s stomach. He maybe thought that he would break the world record. He  really needed to land near a bull without any damage happening It was a competition. But I knew that he was not going to make it.  

This was a happy ending for Jimmy because he landed on his feet. But as the Bull watched him stand up he chased him so many times over and over again. As Jimmy got to the safety, sadly the Bull hit his back and he broke his bone.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Narrative Story About The Beach

Sela's Camp Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.              

It was a nice Sunny day at the beach, and we had camp for school. Our group started our activities with Kayaking and Swimming. Swimming was so cool because we got to stand on the rocks and jump off it. I was so scared of the water it was so Cold and Windy.

Clumsily putting my foot into the water, I felt like I didn’t want to swim. But filled with courage my friend Iron, yelled at me “ Come on Sela get in because it is boring without you in the water”  So I got in with some excitement. Watching everybody doing bombs, I started doing it as well. I felt very scared.

This was one of our activities and I had fun doing it. Mostly we enjoyed swimming because we got to do anything we wanted but knew not to go any further than Mr Burt has said.  Standing on top of the rocks I waited for my turn to jump. I had to watch out for rocks under the water.

Jumping of the rocks it felt dangerous. Looking down made me so scared because the water looked so deep. I needed braveness inside me, so I jumped and made a big splash “ BOOM!” Watching the water go on every body I had another go. It didn’t feel that dangerous anymore.

If there was no rocks underneath then there would be no problem jumping of the rocks. There goes a nice Sunny day with camp and Swimming activities. Playing around and getting on to our next activity.

This was the best and only camp that I had been to. Kayaking would have been fun but we kept on heading in the wrong direction. Sadly our boat flipped over and we both fell out.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Speech Paragraph

It was Halloween, and me and little brother went trick or treating. I was dressed as a clown and my brother was a Ninja. As we walked on through the neighbourhood we came back with a bucket full of lollies. Holding the bucket my little brother moaned and said “Give it back I got most of the lollies” As he yelled I angrily snatched the bucket and shouted at him “ But I was the one that took you out” Aggressively pulling it back and forth, Mum came out yelling “ SELA PASS ME THE BUCKET AND YOU TWO BOTH GO TO YOUR ROOMS” Then she went on eating them all herself.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Narrative Imagination of a flood

Hello my name is Daniel. Well I am 9 years old  and school is over. There has been a flood in Japan,  it is a Huge  flood. This water looked like a swimming pool, but it was cold.

Many children started to come out from their houses and play with me. Seeing my friends coming out to find me I felt so afraid because I had made a bet.  I was so scared that I might lose.

I had to jump because me and my friend had a bet .He told me if we do rock paper scissors, and if I lose then I  have to jump  into that water and do a BOMB as best as I could . Me and  my friend had this challenge because we were checking who can do the biggest BOMB and I  Daniel did not want to do a small bomb.

More kids  came out ready to watch me jump into the water. I did a HUGE BOMB and the water SPLASHED on my friends’ faces.

We loved this flood because we like to play in the  water. But there was a problem, the parents didn’t like this.  This was too hard that our things needed to be moved away from the water. Lucky I didn’t have to help, only my brothers and sisters did.