Friday, June 27, 2014


 This week our class has been learning about Echolocation. We also had been learning about a boy named Ben Underwood. Who uses Echolocation to find his way around. I have created this presentation also about Bats and how they use it. Hope you enjoy!! :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vocabulary Practice

 Here is presentation that I have created. It has helped me practice my Vocabulary.

Monday, June 16, 2014

An Acrostic Poem of ME!!

SPORTY, I LOVE sports its really my thing. I love playing rugby mostly.

EXCITED, I’m usually excited for everything I do.

LIKABLE, I like liking things that other people probably don't. Like Rugby!!

ANNOYING, I’m the annoying one in the family. Talking a lot and even doing weird things aha.

WEIRD, I’m the weird/Funny one out of my friends.

Stay tuned for next time. Sela Signing out :D Ohh and I'm a bit of a Tom Boy.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tamaki Tech ~ Hard Materials

Being a year 7 is weird but cool at the same time. This year was the first year my friends and I had been to Tech (Technology). Classes 2, 4 and half of class 1 get the opportunity to go Tamaki College for Tech on Thursdays. But classes 3, 5 and the other half of class 1 go on Tuesdays. Which is today.

Once we get to Tamaki we then depart of to our classes. The first class I was put in was Hard Materials. Taught by Mr Grundy. We had a lot of naughty boys who never listened, and didn’t even get their projects finished. In our class we had created Necklaces.

But I'm sure next year we would probably be different. The most scared and dangerous thing I did was using the scroll saw. Which cuts the wooden part into shape. I had created my sisters initials which are T.M. I didn’t get to finish it but I really enjoyed creating it.

Then when you have finish using the scroll saw. You then ask Mr Grundy to tip in the pewter. Once we took it out we had to file it until it gets smooth. I finished filling it and then we had to sandpaper it. Grits - 180, 400 and 1200 and you also have to sandpaper it hard to get a great finish.

When you have finished sandpapering. You start to create your string for you're Necklace. Then you're Done.

It was a great opportunity for us to learn about the different Medals in Hard Materials.

Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Use Blogger

Blogging. How do you use it?? Blogger and Blogging is very famous. A lot of people use to share their work with the world. You’ll first need an google account. Blogger was first invented in 2003. Our school uses Blogger to share our work with the world.
Screenshot 2014-06-06 at 10.04.37.pngIf you’re wondering how to create blog posts, well its alright because I am going to tell you. You’ll first need a Blogger account. But then when you create your account, I bet the first thing you’ll see is a Pencil. So then click the pencil and you’ll have  the opportunity to Create your very own Blog Post. Screenshot 2014-06-06 at 10.26.11.png

By then when you click the button It will appear with a different screen. That is where you can start writing, and name your Title. You can start typing you’re writing, or also click ( ctrl c and ctrl v) Which copies and pastes you’re writing. Screenshot 2014-06-06 at 10.48.22.png

Screenshot 2014-06-06 at 10.34.26.png
In the end you’re post will probably look like this. It’ll also be viewed by a lot of people. It can also be seen by the world. Shown to people as well.

You’re Blog will probably look like Mine. Keep exploring and see what Blogger can do.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reading Task Sounds in Space

Sound in Space

List 3 interesting facts that you learned from the article:
1. There is no air in space
2.  Space is never noisy
3.  Vibrations can travel through solid things as well as air.

Why can’t we hear sound in space?
Because there is nothing for vibrations to travel through.

How did NASA record the sounds of interstellar space?
The data was stored on an old-fashioned tape recorder.

What does deep space sound like?
The sound of it sounds like Dawn Chorus of birds singing in spring from super bass.

What does the plasma wave detector detect? How do they turn this into sound?
It senses waves of electrons. Play the data through a loudspeaker and listen!

Linking the World: The Internet

Linking the World: The Internet

1. How does the internet work?
The internet is worked by Cables and Wires.

2. List 5 interesting facts that you have learned about how the internet is used:
(For example: 168 Million emails are sent all over the world every minute.)
1: 600+ videos uploaded onto one video sharing site
2: 11 000 000 conversations take place on instant messenger
3: 70+ new websites created
4: 1500 blogs posted
5: 370 000+ minutes of voice call mode

3. Is there a cost to the internet? What are they and how do they impact us?
No and because its all for free!

4. When was the internet created? What was it’s main purpose at the time?
It was created in 1969! They developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (arparnets), four large computers that could exchange information.

5. List 5 new words you have learned from this article.
Arpanet, Machinery ,Megawatts, Hydroelectric, Shillings

How to Play Rugby

How to Play Rugby

Rugby!! Ahh. Last Week 18  girls had the opportunity to play Rugby against Koru School. How do you play Rugby? Not Netball, not League Rugby. Rugby is a winter sport that is played a lot.

In Rugby on a field there are 15 people on a field for Union. There is the Hooker, two Props,  Halfback, Fullback, Wings, Flanker, Second Rower, Centre, First 5, Lock and Second 5.

How to Pass a Ball : In Rugby passing a ball is quite easy but the only thing you can’t do is to pass it forward. Which is called a (Forward Pass) You can also Intercept as the opposition passes the ball, and start running.

In  rugby the most points you get are from your tries you have scored. When you score a try you get 5 points for your team.  The best and most common way of winning is scoring tries.  

So guys Keep playing Rugby become a future All Black.

How to Play Netball

Netball. How do you play it? In Netball there are 7 people on the court. Which are Goal Shoot, Goalkeeper, Goal Defense, Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defense, Goal Attack . Usually in a team you will probably need 9 people . 7 people on a court then 2 subs.

How to pass a ball in Netball : Passing a ball is quite easy. Focusing on the person you are passing it too is also a big deal. In netball you can intercept while the other team is passing. Like in rugby, which is different because its called a cut.

The Rules : In Netball you are not allowed to run with the ball which is called Stepping. Also you're only allowed to hold the ball within three seconds. Defending your partner too, is huge you have to be three feet away, from you opponent.

Netball is very famous and a entertaining game to play. Netball is also a sport that girls only play. Sometimes there are mixed teams too. Its a very popular Sport.

So guys play fair in Netball and it’ll be a Great Game.