Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Play Netball

Netball. How do you play it? In Netball there are 7 people on the court. Which are Goal Shoot, Goalkeeper, Goal Defense, Center, Wing Attack, Wing Defense, Goal Attack . Usually in a team you will probably need 9 people . 7 people on a court then 2 subs.

How to pass a ball in Netball : Passing a ball is quite easy. Focusing on the person you are passing it too is also a big deal. In netball you can intercept while the other team is passing. Like in rugby, which is different because its called a cut.

The Rules : In Netball you are not allowed to run with the ball which is called Stepping. Also you're only allowed to hold the ball within three seconds. Defending your partner too, is huge you have to be three feet away, from you opponent.

Netball is very famous and a entertaining game to play. Netball is also a sport that girls only play. Sometimes there are mixed teams too. Its a very popular Sport.

So guys play fair in Netball and it’ll be a Great Game.  

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