Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Plastic Bags should be Banned.

To the Prime Minister (John Key )

I as a student, am writing this letter to let you know that plastic bags can pose a bigger problem than climate change. The reason why I think that we should ban plastic bags are because it’s killing our sea creatures.

Did you know that a man called Charles J Moore the captain for the US Merchant Marine fleet and founder of a leading oceans research group did an in-depth survey on the Great Pacific garbage patch. He said that he was staggered by the increase of pollution.

The reasons why I think plastic bags should banned are that it can kill sea creatures. How? Well when the plastic bags are drifting through the water a sea creature can swallow it which causes it to choke then die.

Therefore plastic bags are even a bigger threat than climate change. Did you also know that people from other countries drive around New Zealand, and probably think that our country is messy because there are plastics flying around the streets and in the sea.

So the main reason I think plastic bags should be banned is that it kills our sea creatures. It’s also bad for the environment. That's why I think you should ban plastic bags.

Yours sincerely

Pt England School


  1. Nice writing Sela! I think you write better than Cindy! Write me a letter and I will reply back you.

    Ofa atu Sela,
    Aunty Lia

    1. Hi Lia,

      Thanks for the comment. Good hearing from you, and yeah I maybe am.