Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country 2014

After all our trainings the day had finally come. It was Cross Country 2014 for our whole school.

Every year our school has cross country, and this year the tracks were harder. It went from year 1- 8. Aaaaahhh!!!! The 11th of September was the day.  We’d come to school in different types of colours. I came to school in the colour Green Mataatua. There were other colours Blue (Tainui) Red ( Te Arawa ) and Yellow (Takitimu)

When Mr Jacobsen called out the year one boys we all got so excited.  Watching my little brother run too, was quite an exciting experience. He was also representing Mataatua.

While waiting for our turn, I started getting hotter and hotter. Finally Mrs Nua asked us if we wanted to move to another spot. Eventually we heard Mr Jacobsen call out the year 5 boys.

Filled with nervousness, I headed off to the start of the race, just before  Mr Burt called out the yr 7 girls. Butterflies hit my stomach, and my legs started shaking. BAANG! Mr Burt slapped the blocks together.

Huffing and Puffing I ran as fast as I could. It was actually the fastest that I’ve ever run. Running towards the gates I stopped and took a very long breathe, as I said to my friend “ the tracks are too loonnggg!!”  

It had came to the end of my first lap, while struggling to get around for my second lap. Finally I had a friend to run with. It was Allanha, and we quickly ran down to the finish as everyone was cheering for us.

I can’t wait for next years Cross Country. Running in the year races too. “ GOOOO MATAATUA” I said while the year 8’s were running.  

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