Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie In The Park

Last week on Friday I had the chance to watch “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2” Down at the Pt England Reserve. The movie had started at 7:30 pm till 9:00. It was a great opportunity to have normal family time watching the most interesting and funny movie.

The movie was about a scientist who tried to fix his very own machine. That had destroyed their island. The machine was created to make food without paying it. But after a lot of people used it, it turned out to destroy the island.

I also had the chance to go with my sister and her friends. They were quite funny. Walking around and seeing kids from other schools, and even my own Friends. But the most coolest part was getting to know new people.  

Why I enjoyed it. Well it was free, it was in the night and plus the movie was entertaining. But most of all I enjoyed was having to watch it OUTSIDE. Which was quite different.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skills For Adolescences

These past few weeks. Our Class (Class 2) has been in Miss Clark's class learning and studying about Adolescences. I have created this to show things that might happen in my Life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

P.E/Sports at Tamaki College

Tamaki College is located in Glen Innes/ The Tamaki Area. Tamaki College is filled with Maori and Polynesian Students. There are actually a lot of students that came to PES. Like my very own Sister.

These past few weeks we have been walking down to Tamaki College for Sports (P.E)  We had the opportunity to be tutored by Level 2 Yr 12’s.  They were doing to get Credits in NCEA. I got the  chance to get tutored by Sandra and Ariana.

Our fitness is really Important because our lower cholesterol levels,we could be healthier,fitter,we could be athletic. Fitness and exercise can also help you to avoid diabetes.

It is actually cool. Having to join in lots of activities. Like, Rats and Rabbits, High Jump, Blindfold Challenge, Obstacle Course, Amazing Race, Rope Jump, Trust fall and even more. Most of these activities included Teamwork and the 3P’s protection, partnership and participation.  

But what I really enjoyed was participating in was rats and Rabbits. Which is quite like Tiggy. It was really Cool. So why don't you start playing sports.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone?  A cyclone is when there are very strong winds. It’s so strong, that it can rip off anything that is attached to the ground.  There can be severe storms and rough rains. A Cyclone is very dangerous. It can cause a lot of damage.
Last weekend Auckland experienced heavy rain, and very strong winds. It wasn’t severe as we thought it would be. But it was still very frightening.

What has happened lately??
Last weekend Cyclone Lusi,  hit the North of New Zealand. There was heavy rain, power outages, panicking, floods and lots of dark clouds,

A cyclone can possibly cause, water shortages, deaths, accidents, extension damage and  no school.  Well it just happened this weekend. When Polyfest was postponed, to Tuesday.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Malo E lelei, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava and Greetings to you all.

This term our school is going to be having a Culture Night (AKA a Fiafia Night) .These past few weeks we have started to practice some introductions of the Dance and also actions. I’m in the Tongan Girls Group which is taught by  My Aunty and mainly by Mrs Jarman, Miss Glaze and Diana.   

Ohh and as to mention  Fiafia is mainly held every 2nd year. First we always had to pick some Girls that are in the Tongan Group. We are learning to dance, to a Tongan tradition song that is called “ Funga Sia” Also sang by Men. There are parts where we move around the stage.

Sometimes, my auntie and a group of Girls have extra lessons. Every Saturday afternoon. It is really cool having a Auntie as a Tutor. As a tongan I like to know what it feels like to do dances like this. It was actually my first time being in the Tongan Group.

If there was a Korean/Kpop Group I would probably, join in. Why? Well my friend (Josephine) really enjoys listening and learning Korean. It really sounds cool. She has told me a lot.

But really I enjoy being in the Tongan Group because it is helping me to understand and Represent my culture better. I never knew that Tonga had a better part of their Culture. I am really looking forward to our School’s Fiafia Night.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sketchup Design

Here is my toy that I have created. It is a Minion. Our class had a task that was set. Which was to create a toy that will keep the Yr 2 kids entertained. My friend and I had created a Minion. I hope you liked my Minion. Its also 3D.

Friday, March 7, 2014


What is Sketchup? Sketchup is a Designing Programme. That is used in our Class also around the World. It is a Programme where you can Create things that are 3D. In Class Sketchup is mainly used as a 3D Tool.

I use Sketchup as a 3D tool. Sketchup has A LOT of tools that are included. there are- Shapes, Erasers, Freehand Drawings (When you can casually draw anything) And a  Pencil ( Which only draws Straight Lines)

Sketchup is really cool. This programme is for Creating things and also building. Its like teaching yourself how to build. One day you would probably be great at Building and Creating.  

This term our class is using Sketchup with designing a toy. Which was set as one of our tasks. I am going to be creating a Minion. Our task was to create a toy that would keep the Junior kids entertained. That's why Sketchup is a really good programme.