Friday, March 7, 2014


What is Sketchup? Sketchup is a Designing Programme. That is used in our Class also around the World. It is a Programme where you can Create things that are 3D. In Class Sketchup is mainly used as a 3D Tool.

I use Sketchup as a 3D tool. Sketchup has A LOT of tools that are included. there are- Shapes, Erasers, Freehand Drawings (When you can casually draw anything) And a  Pencil ( Which only draws Straight Lines)

Sketchup is really cool. This programme is for Creating things and also building. Its like teaching yourself how to build. One day you would probably be great at Building and Creating.  

This term our class is using Sketchup with designing a toy. Which was set as one of our tasks. I am going to be creating a Minion. Our task was to create a toy that would keep the Junior kids entertained. That's why Sketchup is a really good programme.

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