Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sketchup Design

Here is my toy that I have created. It is a Minion. Our class had a task that was set. Which was to create a toy that will keep the Yr 2 kids entertained. My friend and I had created a Minion. I hope you liked my Minion. Its also 3D.


  1. I think your Minion design is great. Simple and yet accurate to the character. I'm an IT teacher at Forrest Hill and Coatesville School. I have used sketchup with my classes and we really enjoy using it. I like your choice because I'm a Minion fan. Well done Sela!

    1. Hi James,
      I knew someone around the world would be interested in my Minion. Thank you so much for you're Positive and Good feedback. I really want to know how you're class is doing In Sketchup. Also Minions are my Inspiration. So Thanks A LOT James Robson.

      From Sela