Wednesday, March 26, 2014

P.E/Sports at Tamaki College

Tamaki College is located in Glen Innes/ The Tamaki Area. Tamaki College is filled with Maori and Polynesian Students. There are actually a lot of students that came to PES. Like my very own Sister.

These past few weeks we have been walking down to Tamaki College for Sports (P.E)  We had the opportunity to be tutored by Level 2 Yr 12’s.  They were doing to get Credits in NCEA. I got the  chance to get tutored by Sandra and Ariana.

Our fitness is really Important because our lower cholesterol levels,we could be healthier,fitter,we could be athletic. Fitness and exercise can also help you to avoid diabetes.

It is actually cool. Having to join in lots of activities. Like, Rats and Rabbits, High Jump, Blindfold Challenge, Obstacle Course, Amazing Race, Rope Jump, Trust fall and even more. Most of these activities included Teamwork and the 3P’s protection, partnership and participation.  

But what I really enjoyed was participating in was rats and Rabbits. Which is quite like Tiggy. It was really Cool. So why don't you start playing sports.

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