Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Are The 3P's

As you all know tomorrow is a Public holiday Day here in New Zealand. It is Waitangi Day. Waitangi Day is a very special day.
Did you know that it was the day the Maori and British united. That was also the Day they had signed the Treaty. Here are the Three Principle's.

1. Protection:
What is the meaning of “Protection” Protection is mainly used as, Defense, Looking after things, Caring and Cyber Smart. Like for an example, if someone was badly hurt I would help them out and take care of them. Here at Pt England we like using Protection as Taking care of the Juniors, being Cyber Smart and also Taking Charge of your own things.

2. Partnership:
“Partnership” mainly used as together, Teamwork and Unity. Here at Pt England we use Partnership as Teamwork, Meet the Teacher and HSP ( Home School Partnership) For an example Partnership is like helping out with others and working with  new People.

3. Participation:
“Participation” Is usually used as, giving it a go, Joining in and Volunteering. For an example if we saw a team trialing for Rugby I would ask to Join In. Here at school Participation is known as participating in things that you see.


  1. Well done Sela. I like your definitions in your own words about the 3P's.

    1. Thanks Mrs Langitupu. I did all I could to post it. And thanks :D

  2. I agree with Mrs Lagitupu I like how you thought about the 3Ps and how you used your own words and explanation with the three key areas. I think that taking care of the juniors is very, very important. I have just started working in a primary school this year, after working in an intermediate for a while and one of the things that I am most enjoying is seeing how the older students are looking after the younger ones.

    Good luck with your participation goal of playing Rugby for the School Sela. I know that Point England has some fantastic sports teams so if you get in the rugby teams then good luck with your games.

    Great to see that you are already posting for 2014, cannot wait to see what you and the rest of your students from your school post during the year.

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki

  3. Hi Sela,

    If you follow this link,, you will discover that Mr Webb has mentioned you in a post, saying how much he enjoys your blog! Take a look and leave him a comment.

    Mrs Burt