Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Interviewing Class 16

Last week we got the chance to Interview 5 & 6 year old  kids. As one of our Projects.We asked them A LOT of questions. What types of toys they wanted, and Why?? Why we did we do this? Well we had all got set Tasks and one of our tasks were to Interview Kids, on what they wanted to play with during their Free Time.

First we had Brainstormed on what the Children, would've wanted. I had wrote LOTS of ideas and toys they probably enjoyed playing with. Our Class (Class 2) Had the chance to interview 4 kids. From Class 16. As you already they were about 5 & 6 years old. Also Year 2’s.

I got the chance to ask a little girl named  Levonah. She told me she didn't really like toys. But the Most thing she was interested in was Minions and the characters of Despicable Me 2. She really enjoys using the Technology Mostly.

After I interviewed Levonah. I asked a little boy named Lennox. He told me that he REALLY enjoys playing, with Dinosaurs, Rockets, Pirates and Cars. I asked him Why?? Lennox said that it is because the, Cars GO FAST, Rockets go High, that Dinosaurs are Loud, and that Pirates are Funny.

By then it was Home time. And in the End they were Really hoping they would get their toys. We were creating these toys on a 3D printer. That sounds really COOL!!!

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