Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Netball Game!

Guess what! On last Thursday night we had a netball game against Cornwall park we tried our best to play against them my position was GS that stands for Goal Shooter. I got 3, 4 or 5 goals in, my family was at the courts to support not just me and our whole team. Cornwall park beat us by 8. We tried hard to play against Cornwall Park, it was our first Netball game. We took lots of photos with Kashya's mum. I am looking forward to having our next Netball Game on Thursday.


  1. Love it! I especially love your picture. Great job writing at home too Sela. Let's win next week!

  2. Hi Sela,
    It's so great to see and read a post about you playing netball. I will have to come watch you and your team play one day! Well done getting that many goals in, do you like playing goal shoot? or would you like to play another position, if so which one?
    Keep up the great writing. I can't believe you've got 15 posts up already, well done Sela!

    Love from Miss Lavakula

    1. Hey Miss Lavakula,
      Yes I do want to be goal shoot or Goal Attack and thank you for the comments . Have a great day

  3. I really love your blog even though I dont know you very well. i think its really cool how you're doing it and I love all your pictures. Keep up the good work.