Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Egg Drop

20 minutes yelled Miss King ! 20 minutes you got to be joking, How was this going to work when we just had 20 minutes Cut cut chatter chatter tape tape, Whenever Ana came to get some tape we did not get time to finish our thinking and how to make it.

We worked hard to make our own egg drop by using paper, scissors sellotape and egg me and my partner Josephine were working hard , there were so much noise in our class. We did not manage to finish our egg drop but the rest of the class did but not Mary and Chyna’s group did not finish their egg drop to, because we did not get time to think what and how we were going to make it.

Then we watched everybody Else's in our class and one or two eggs survived everybody was cheering to others splat the egg goes we knew that the egg had brake because all of the slime was coming out of the paper “ Yuck” I said to Josephine I wish that we did not chat chat and just do what we were told to do but we did not finish. I said “ Go Kashya and Lesieli you can do it girls” So they hopped on to the brick wall and it was there turn to drop there egg, It was a fail.


  1. Now you known how to writ great words in your sores.you have got lots of ands.

  2. Cute!!! but fix some grammer darling...