Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When Piggaso met Mootisse

Pigasso and Motice look like this way  because they paint themselves in different ways,  like a mess. Pigasso uses color that look like mud, he uses that color because he is a pig he likes to play in the mud. As Motice and Pigasso met,  they both got together and became friends.     

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kandinsky Composition IV

Composition IV is a mixed of swirling  soaring lines.

The painting is divided strongly  with two black vertical lines. On the left violent motions, because it has jagged and sharp and tangled lines. On the right is all is expressed with sweeping forms, calm harmonies.   

Dividing lines three red hatted cossacks. Stand by holding their black swords by the  Blue Mountain above a castle.Next to them a  third white bearded cossack stand by with his purple sord.

Lower on the left two boats are depicted and a rainbow. Above them are two horseback   cossack in battle. In the right two people lie on a hill and 2 priests watch by.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Cool Kid Should See This Clip That I watched

 Watching this movie was so amazing. Looking at it I it just made me want to do this. This looked amazing to play with. Here is the link I found the movie from KSST.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My To-do list for a young game show host that stars in a TV show

Write a to-do list for a young game show host who stars in a TV show.

What He is going to do:

Go Shopping,                            Does Interviews,
Go to a concert,                         Acts in on TV,
Go Church on Sundays,           Does his Laundry,
Celebrates his Birthday,            Watch himself on TV,
Go's to cousin's house,              And Takes a tour around the world.
Go to family house,

A Invitation for a young Spider Monkey

I have to write a birthday party invitation for a young spider monkey who ignores orchestras.

This a Birth day party invitation is to a young spider monkey that's name is Bluebell who ignores  orchestras.

Dear Bluebell,

This invitation is for you because you ignore the same things that I ignore orchestras. And that is boring. You are invited and your friends are to. Please don't bring lots of Spider Monkeys to the party because they might make a mess. So please try to come.

A Story About The Worst singer in The world!!

On one sunny day an awkward movie star entered a singing competition.  As she started practising she thought she was good. Here  was the day filled with confidence walking onto the stage the host called out her name Lilly May .

As she got  onto the stage the judges asked her some questions. “ How old are you?” Asked the judge. She Replied “ I am fourteen years old” “ Wow!! you look eighteen now start singing” Said Judge two.  

Singing a solo four of the judges waited till the end. As she finished singing she saw the judges with their of their ears closed. “ Can you stop singing now?” Said the Judges. “ NEXT!!” They all yelled.

After two weeks later she came back to the auditions and yelled “ Can I try again”. Then all the judges huddled up and voted if she could  or went home and she got another chance. “ YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” She yelled. Breathing in and out she ran onto the stage and said “ I am ready” As the music started she got into position and started to sing. “ Better Better” Said the Judges “ You are in great” “ YES YES YES” She yelled.    

Waiting for the Next week to come she made it in the finalists. This was her time to shine. “ Breath in and then out” Said her tutor. Running through the stage doors then up the stairs she quickly grabbed the Microphone and sang the worst song ever. Everybody started laughing then she sang more and more, then she was embarrassed and ran to the back stage. But more people laughed.
She ran out the stadium and  called a taxi. Calling her mum to come she said that she wanted to go home. Her Mum asked her why was she crying she never answered then she cried more. But lucky she still got to be a movie star. That’s why people laughed so that she quits singing and go back to acting.    

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Maths Block Movie

 As our group Diamonds were learning our Multiplication our activity was to answer these following equations 4x4, 6x5, 7x3 and more. Finish answering our equations we started to make our movies. Here is my movie that I made hope you enjoy.

Kid Should See this (KSST)

Watching this movie on Kids Should See this it made me feel like playing this piano. When I first started to watch it  it looked interesting to me. As I was watching it looked really cool. I hope you will enjoy watching this on my blog. There are more movies that I got this movie from so just click this link Here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Multiplication Activity

4x6=24.  As me and my group did maths we started by doing Multiplication. I started with the sum 4x6. There are 4 houses and each of these houses there are six windows how many are all together?

Our Swimming Sentence Builder

1. Continuously the new goggles leaked under the water.

2. The talented instructor shouted loudly at us to kick faster.

3. Furiously, the nervous swimmers paddled across the pool.

                       Changing around:

1. The new goggles continuously leaked under the water.

2. Loudly the   talented instructor shouted at us,  “kick faster”.

3. Nervous swimmers swam furiously, while paddling  across the pool.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Prediction Story and Movies

We had to predict what might happen in this youtube clip. Above is my prediction and below is the real clip.

 Didn't come close to predicting correctly.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Kandinsky Presentation

This is a presentation that I made during class time. These slides are telling you what Wassily Kandinsky's artwork are like. I made my own so please leave a comment.

Using Keywords About Kandinsky

Tea Merchant
December 16

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow Russia, in December 16 1866. His father was a Tea Merchant and his mother was a homemaker.


age synaesthesia


From an early age Wassily exhibited a special gift called Synaesthesia cognate. This gift gave him an ability to hear colour  and see sound.

Keywords start here:
Munich Germany/ 30
Professor/ 27
Human Bodies
initially- interested

Kandinsky studied economics and law at the university of Moscow before he became a professor. Three years later at the age of 30 he moved to Munich, Germany to study art. Initially he was interested in creating sketches of human bodies.

1 world war
at this time
moved from
to Switzerland

Once the First World War started in 1914. Kandinsky was in Germany then moved to Switzerland and home to Moscow. At this time he mostly continued painting impressionist pieces of  artwork.

back to Moscow
straight lines

After the 1st World War  Kandinsky  moved back to Germany and started  to paint abstract art. He used colourful shapes straight lines, curves and circle.

he died

By 1933 the Nazis took over his art school and forced him to move to France. He lived in France since  1944 then Kandinsky died.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Recount

We started with a lovely morning doing swimming. Our classroom 13 went to the Glen Innes pools. Filled with anticipation, we walked our way out of the school grounds and waited for the others.  While staring into space I couldn’t wait to swim.

There were tests to see which group we were in, so me and my friend Nikita were the first to start the test.  “I hope we make it into the same group!” I said to Nikita. Group one and the instructor's name was Ben. Group two and the other instructor’s name was Natalie and  last but not least was group three and her name was Olivia.

The Group that I made it in was group one.  This group  was fun because so many of my friends were in this group.  We had a lot of fun  learning things and sometimes we would be playing around. As I was in the front of the line I was the first to swim. Loudly the talented instructor shouted at me,  “Kick Faster!”

Sadly swimming ended with a breathing game under the water and I won. “It’s  time to go back to school” Miss King yelled. I am  looking forward to doing some swimming lessons again next week.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Play dough Experiment

Here is a claymation movie that me and my friend Thea made during school. We used play dough and blocks to make this experiment. We were learning to use a new video program called Wevideo
I hope you will enjoy watching this movie we worked very hard to make it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Tissue Artwork Sentences

As Art Alive was our topic for this term we started a morning off with art. The art we were going to create was to make flowers with tissue.  

Filled with excitement to start our art, I got ready to paint.

Folding the tissues into different shapes, I made a stem for my flower.

While I cautiously glued my stem to the cardboard, I began to make the petals.

To finish creating my work, I needed to start by painting over the tissues.