Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swimming Recount

We started with a lovely morning doing swimming. Our classroom 13 went to the Glen Innes pools. Filled with anticipation, we walked our way out of the school grounds and waited for the others.  While staring into space I couldn’t wait to swim.

There were tests to see which group we were in, so me and my friend Nikita were the first to start the test.  “I hope we make it into the same group!” I said to Nikita. Group one and the instructor's name was Ben. Group two and the other instructor’s name was Natalie and  last but not least was group three and her name was Olivia.

The Group that I made it in was group one.  This group  was fun because so many of my friends were in this group.  We had a lot of fun  learning things and sometimes we would be playing around. As I was in the front of the line I was the first to swim. Loudly the talented instructor shouted at me,  “Kick Faster!”

Sadly swimming ended with a breathing game under the water and I won. “It’s  time to go back to school” Miss King yelled. I am  looking forward to doing some swimming lessons again next week.

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