Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Story About The Worst singer in The world!!

On one sunny day an awkward movie star entered a singing competition.  As she started practising she thought she was good. Here  was the day filled with confidence walking onto the stage the host called out her name Lilly May .

As she got  onto the stage the judges asked her some questions. “ How old are you?” Asked the judge. She Replied “ I am fourteen years old” “ Wow!! you look eighteen now start singing” Said Judge two.  

Singing a solo four of the judges waited till the end. As she finished singing she saw the judges with their of their ears closed. “ Can you stop singing now?” Said the Judges. “ NEXT!!” They all yelled.

After two weeks later she came back to the auditions and yelled “ Can I try again”. Then all the judges huddled up and voted if she could  or went home and she got another chance. “ YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” She yelled. Breathing in and out she ran onto the stage and said “ I am ready” As the music started she got into position and started to sing. “ Better Better” Said the Judges “ You are in great” “ YES YES YES” She yelled.    

Waiting for the Next week to come she made it in the finalists. This was her time to shine. “ Breath in and then out” Said her tutor. Running through the stage doors then up the stairs she quickly grabbed the Microphone and sang the worst song ever. Everybody started laughing then she sang more and more, then she was embarrassed and ran to the back stage. But more people laughed.
She ran out the stadium and  called a taxi. Calling her mum to come she said that she wanted to go home. Her Mum asked her why was she crying she never answered then she cried more. But lucky she still got to be a movie star. That’s why people laughed so that she quits singing and go back to acting.    

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