Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics 2014

Athletics 2014 - By Sela!!

Athletics, Ahhhh!!! Athletics is an yearly event that held at our school.  Our WHOLE school participates in it too!! There are more than 15 events and 6 mains. Which are: Discus, Shot put, High Jump, Sprints, Javelin and Softball throw. 

It was held just last week on Friday!! Because the weather wasn't looking good the year 7&8's had to finish there last three events on Monday. Every year we are put into house colours like, Green (Mataatua), Yellow (Takitemu), Red ( Te Arawa) and Blue (Tainui). And every year I am always put in the color Green!!

Walking to the courts butterflies hit, my legs started shaking. As we sat down in our year groups, excitingly the day got hotter and hotter. Finally, Miss Va'afusuaga called out the year 7 girls to head over to Softball throw. The day went on and on as we got to shot put the day got better. Watching everybody throw the shot put was actually cool, and even for most of my friends coming either first or second in an event.

After most of our events were finished it had finally came to the end of the day, with our last event which was Sprinting. Although it was quite sad I didn't get to run cause of my knee injury. Most of our girls still made us proud, with Mataatua coming first in it. I just can't wait for next years Athletics, so that I can see the improvements that I have made. 

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