Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Friends

Good friends they take care of one another, if one of you are in trouble you all are, you’d always have to put up with their funniness or either their Jokes that aren't funny.

But what really is good friends? People may understand friends as in people that are kind to you or either people that help you out. Well friends are most likely kind, good, amazing and trustworthy people that you have choose to put into your life.  

Yeah sure they can talk a lot but most times they are just the best people to be around with. Good friends help you out with bad things and even in family situations. Most of all friends are just good reliable people that take care of each other 100% a day.

There are types of friends out there that can be differently set. Have you ever heard of a Frenemy? Apparently they are friends that are also enemies. No matter what culture or skin color you are, good friends take you by your personality and mind.

Most likely people need friends that are trustworthy and Reliable. Trustworthy friends are really good people that are to be told anything, and I mean anything. Friends that are trustworthy are most likely the best you’d probably have as a friend.

People may prefer their parents as their Best friends, than other people. Basically its true. Parents are the best to talk to. “ We ride together, We die together” Quoted by Will Smith.

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