Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Trip To the Stardome (One Tree Hill)

“Why are we walking up that hill?” I bravely asked. Hot and thirsty.Gracefully
we made it to the!! Incredible view all around. Sliding into the crater, the rocks scratched my legs “ Ouch” I said. Rolling into the crater I saw lots of rocks. “ Why did I lave my shoes behind
at school, my feet hurt” whispered to my self.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Outta This World!!

My name is Sela and I am a the astronaut. What I’m going to do is to save the world be all the space junk so the world would be safe. but first I need my gear.

While waiting for the countdown quickly I got into the rocket. “there goes the countdown” I said to my friend. The planet that we are going to visit was Mars, Venus also and Saturn.

3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!Struggling to sit in my chair I started to float in the air.While sitting on the chair the rocket cut through the sky and made a huge boom!! “Ahhhhhh”! I yelled.

“Yes” I said. Did you know that we are half way past Earth”?. That is a very big planet that I see. My imaginary planet is called Pizza Planet, what is yours?

Alien Snot

“I don’t want to make alien snot that is so disgusting” I whispered to my self. But then I just had to wait and see if it was disgusting.

The method of making the alien snot was: 1 cup of cornflour A little water Green food colouring. “Yuck!! I hate that smell get it away from me” As I said in my head.

While waiting for Miss King to pour the Green food coloring in we waited quietly. "Finally" I whispered to my self. "Is our Alien Snot finished" I asked Miss King.

Did you know that first the snot is hard then when you touch it is soft. At first I thought it was disgusting, but then it wasn't. That looks like real snot. I wonder what a real aliens snot looks like?

"Yeah our Alien Snot is finished Is yours? I cant wait to make it again that was a lot of fun making alien snot.

Ice Cream Comets

“Eww!! Yuck”!! I said. “Do we really have to roll the Ice Cream in our hands?” “That is so disgusting, my hands might freeze’’ I whispered to my self.

The ingredients were: Chocolate Ice Cream, Cones, Hundreds and Thousands and also crushed biscuits.

As Miss King scooped the Ice Cream into my hands it quickly dripped through my fingers like sand. “Brain freeze! Brain freeze!” I cried.

Hundreds and thousands everywhere along the ground that was a very huge mess.

“Mmmmm!! Yum.“My hands are cold “Can I use napkin” I said to Whaea Janeille. “NO your hands are already dried” Whaea Janeille shouted.

But I just realised that all the comets are different sized but at least we still made a comet. “ Mmm Yumm”! I shouted. “Miss King can I have some more ?” I yelled.

Shattering into pieces the comets looked like little balls of mud.” That was a delicious comet. My stomach was begging for more.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lift Off!!

Shaking and shuddering, my legs had pins and needles . I was sweating everywhere, while sitting strapped on the chair. Soon the shuttle would be leaving earth.

While waiting for the countdown I filled with nervous excitement. “I am very scared” I whispered to myself. While waiting for the countdown my ears were shattering because of the noise from the rockets.

Here came the call for the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. “It feels like I am going to faint” I said. “Ignition” the call cried. There was another noise again “BOOOM!!” I was frightened of the noise!

I hope next time I wouldn’t feel scared when we get on the rocket again. That was a very frightened adventure but lucky I was safe.