Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien Snot

“I don’t want to make alien snot that is so disgusting” I whispered to my self. But then I just had to wait and see if it was disgusting.

The method of making the alien snot was: 1 cup of cornflour A little water Green food colouring. “Yuck!! I hate that smell get it away from me” As I said in my head.

While waiting for Miss King to pour the Green food coloring in we waited quietly. "Finally" I whispered to my self. "Is our Alien Snot finished" I asked Miss King.

Did you know that first the snot is hard then when you touch it is soft. At first I thought it was disgusting, but then it wasn't. That looks like real snot. I wonder what a real aliens snot looks like?

"Yeah our Alien Snot is finished Is yours? I cant wait to make it again that was a lot of fun making alien snot.

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