Monday, November 3, 2014

Trip To the Museum

As part of having “Art Attack” as our topic, we had the opportunity to go to the Museum. With all the year 7’s. Last week on Tuesday.

By the time I got to school, we were already put into our groups. So luckily I was put into a group with my friends. While walking into the bus we all started to get excited.

Even though we've been to the Museum a lot we still enjoyed our trip. Our year 7’s explored a lot of things around the Museum, most of it was based on art and Culture.  

One of my favorite parts of our trip was exploring the Museum. But one of the best parts were, experiencing a volcanic eruption. Why? Well the best part was being inside a house just watching the Volcano ashes come towards us.

Later on we all had a task that was set for us, which was mainly about taking artistic photos around the Museum. It was quite like hunting but taking very good photos of things. I really enjoyed our trip, because most of the time we got to do amazing Activities.

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