Friday, February 14, 2014


Assembly is held EVERY Friday. Well this assembly felt quite Special. There were Performances and even a Conch Shell was Blown. As soon as the Shell was blown, out came the Samoans Performers. It was Beautiful. They were here to give us an example of what Fiafia would Look like and what the Samoan Group might be taught.

The first move they had taught us was the “Se’e” and also the “Fa'ataupati (Slapping). We had asked her some questions Like “ How old were you when you started dancing” Then Natalie ( the Dancer Replied)“About 2 or 3” They also asked for a volunteer to show us the Se’e.

By then the Performance was finished, and the Prefects, House Captain and Ambassadors. Had received their badges. The New Juniors had also received their Book Bags.

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