Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Malo E lelei, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava and Greetings to you all.

This term our school is going to be having a Culture Night (AKA a Fiafia Night) .These past few weeks we have started to practice some introductions of the Dance and also actions. I’m in the Tongan Girls Group which is taught by  My Aunty and mainly by Mrs Jarman, Miss Glaze and Diana.   

Ohh and as to mention  Fiafia is mainly held every 2nd year. First we always had to pick some Girls that are in the Tongan Group. We are learning to dance, to a Tongan tradition song that is called “ Funga Sia” Also sang by Men. There are parts where we move around the stage.

Sometimes, my auntie and a group of Girls have extra lessons. Every Saturday afternoon. It is really cool having a Auntie as a Tutor. As a tongan I like to know what it feels like to do dances like this. It was actually my first time being in the Tongan Group.

If there was a Korean/Kpop Group I would probably, join in. Why? Well my friend (Josephine) really enjoys listening and learning Korean. It really sounds cool. She has told me a lot.

But really I enjoy being in the Tongan Group because it is helping me to understand and Represent my culture better. I never knew that Tonga had a better part of their Culture. I am really looking forward to our School’s Fiafia Night.

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