Monday, September 1, 2014

Why is exercising good for your Body?

Why should younger children exercise everyday? Well, wait its actually  good for your body.

One of the reasons that exercising is good for your body is that it can help you get fitter. For an example athletes need to practice and work hard  everyday to get fitter and have a placing in the Commonwealth. Did you also know that when you exercise it helps your brain.  

 Another reason exercising is good for your body is that it can help with sports. Which is mainly about how fit the player is for that sport. For an example if there were a unfit player in Netball, the team would probably have problems winning. When you are fit you’ll have more energy than an unfit person.

But why don’t people exercise? Besides having medical problems. Like asthma. Although exercising is good for your body, it can help with your brains. Besides that it also helps your Bones and Muscles.

Younger kids say exercising is Fun. Actually every kid does it. Kicking a ball for an example is  a kind of exercise. Which helps your muscles in your legs.

That's why exercising helps you. Therefore if you exercise you can also lose eight in between weeks.

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