Friday, August 22, 2014

Why is your Body Important

Its really good to take care of your body. First of all eating the right Nutrition is the start to having a healthy body and mind.

You can also be aware of things like drugs and other sorts of things that you choose that go in your body. Drugs can create Short time memories, double vision, permanent brain damage and more.  Drugs also slow down types of messages responses to your body. There are a lot of different types of drugs like marijuana, p, cocaine gas and glue. Drugs don’t choose people the people choose drugs.

It is really important that you put the right things into your body. I’ve learnt the importance of having a healthy body and treating it well. There are people around us that are taking drugs and currently either stressed, depressed or either causing trouble.

The Neurotransmitter helps messages get around your body. Drugs can affect parts of your body as well as Brain damage and short time memories. I’ve learnt that drugs can create crazy things happening to you. ‘

There were also people who had the potential to become a All black, a Teacher or also a Scientist. But instead they chose drugs and started drinking. So choose the right, become what you want to be, and think about the bad things Drugs can do to your body.

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