Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education Caravan with Harold

Currently our school has had The Life Education Caravan with Lynn. This year our class had the opportunity to learn about Drugs and Alcohol and how it can affect your body. For the last four weeks we have been learning and watching clips about teenagers that have shared their stories with us. It was Malcolm, Rita, James, Zeb, Jason and Amy.

Drugs and alcohol can create permanent brain damage, double vision, short time memory, anger and more.  Drugs that are used by people can create stress from families and close friends. There are different types of Drugs that are legal and Illegal. Drugs can also slow down your neurotransmitters.

Zeb on the other side, had the potential to play rugby. But instead he chose drugs.  I enjoyed watching Zeb’s story.  Zeb had started at the age of 13 while the others started between 13 to 17. He said that nothing wrong was happening, but actually it was affecting the people around like his family.

People mostly start taking drugs to “Fit In”. There are drugs like, Marijuana, Cocaine, Glue, pot and more. Drugs can also slow down your brain. Lynn also gave us some tips on what our future should be like, healthy and a good education.


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