Friday, August 1, 2014

Summarizing Whats For lunch

Whats for Lunch? The Book that we are reading this week was about a boy named Alex and the type of food that he needed to eat. It first started when Tina had noticed that Alex had brought a Nutty Bar to school everyday of the week. Mr Kenna had suggested that Alex should bring A LOT more fruits and Veggies to school. Mr Kenna had pinned up a poster with a pyramid full of Food. At the top of the pyramid had Junk food, in the middle of the had oily fat food and at the bottom of course was Healthy Food. After that Mr kenna had given Alex a chart of what types of food the girls and the boys should eat. And currently the boys chart was healthier. After that Rangi had suggested to share his Lunch with Alex. So by then Alex had started eating healthier.

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