Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Narrative Story About The Beach

Sela's Camp Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.              

It was a nice Sunny day at the beach, and we had camp for school. Our group started our activities with Kayaking and Swimming. Swimming was so cool because we got to stand on the rocks and jump off it. I was so scared of the water it was so Cold and Windy.

Clumsily putting my foot into the water, I felt like I didn’t want to swim. But filled with courage my friend Iron, yelled at me “ Come on Sela get in because it is boring without you in the water”  So I got in with some excitement. Watching everybody doing bombs, I started doing it as well. I felt very scared.

This was one of our activities and I had fun doing it. Mostly we enjoyed swimming because we got to do anything we wanted but knew not to go any further than Mr Burt has said.  Standing on top of the rocks I waited for my turn to jump. I had to watch out for rocks under the water.

Jumping of the rocks it felt dangerous. Looking down made me so scared because the water looked so deep. I needed braveness inside me, so I jumped and made a big splash “ BOOM!” Watching the water go on every body I had another go. It didn’t feel that dangerous anymore.

If there was no rocks underneath then there would be no problem jumping of the rocks. There goes a nice Sunny day with camp and Swimming activities. Playing around and getting on to our next activity.

This was the best and only camp that I had been to. Kayaking would have been fun but we kept on heading in the wrong direction. Sadly our boat flipped over and we both fell out.

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  1. Hello Sela,

    That was a really cool story. Bombing is really fun but dangerous if their are rocks. Did anyone get hurt?

    Keep it up Sela!