Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Narrative Imagination of a flood

Hello my name is Daniel. Well I am 9 years old  and school is over. There has been a flood in Japan,  it is a Huge  flood. This water looked like a swimming pool, but it was cold.

Many children started to come out from their houses and play with me. Seeing my friends coming out to find me I felt so afraid because I had made a bet.  I was so scared that I might lose.

I had to jump because me and my friend had a bet .He told me if we do rock paper scissors, and if I lose then I  have to jump  into that water and do a BOMB as best as I could . Me and  my friend had this challenge because we were checking who can do the biggest BOMB and I  Daniel did not want to do a small bomb.

More kids  came out ready to watch me jump into the water. I did a HUGE BOMB and the water SPLASHED on my friends’ faces.

We loved this flood because we like to play in the  water. But there was a problem, the parents didn’t like this.  This was too hard that our things needed to be moved away from the water. Lucky I didn’t have to help, only my brothers and sisters did.

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