Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rainbows End The "New Theme Park" Narrative

Highlighted in Blue is my Mark and in the Yellow is my Friends. 

It was one of those hot Sunny days, where Boys had the house to themselves Playing Games All Day long. Summer had just started yesterday, so it was the second day of the MOST hottest days ever. TJ got bored and said to Jermaine “ Why bother play games can we do something  else?” Jermaine replied with a weird face “ Umm yeah why can't we just like watch a little bit of  Television”

It was like a miracle that they had turned of the Play Station for a while . Until that night TJ had gone to sleep while Jermaine was still watching T.V.  Jermaine had looked at the Screen Surprisingly and said “ WHAT THE what is that called again OHH its Rainbows End!!!!!!”

Jermaine had waited until TJ had woke up and said “ Hey TJ wake up Wake up I had been watching this ad and it showed this MEAN as Theme Park, that  just opened Should we go?” TJ woke up with a red face and said “ Umm I thought we were going to make it up to Level 15?” “ But I thought you were bored, Lets just go cause it has the Coolest and MOST dangerous looking Ride EVER!” Said Jermaine.

So then TJ and Jermaine had left  excitingly to see what  was going to happen. They had finally arrived and it looked like it was about to rain, but lucky it was only a Sunshower. They took their first steps into the Ride and by then they were as Nervous as EVER!!! There were two HUGE rides the Invader and the Rollercoaster. TJ looked at them both nervously until Jermaine Grabbed him and said “ Get Ready for the Rollercoaster”

They had got onto the ride and A LOT of people had already started screaming. It felt like you were going to fly into the sky then fall down again. It also felt like you were in a very Fast train.  The ride  had just Finished and TJ was Crying so hard he couldn’t Stop. It was one of the most scariest Rides ever. So thats when TJ wasn’t scared of Hights anymore.

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