Monday, October 21, 2013

Retelling A Story Of (A Foal Is Born)

One Day there was a horse named Del. The owner had a son and while the Mum/Owner, was doing things. Her son Ryan was ALWAYS keeping his eyes on her well I mean the horse Del. Something Surprising was going on.

 It was HUGELY surprising well Del was having Foal/Baby Horse.Ryan had always Del for about Eleven months, Ryan had watched Del grow Bigger and Bigger. Ryan said to Mum one night " It'll be born any day now"

The next morning, Ryan woke up, and his mum was down in the horse paddock. There was a NEW foal lying close to Del. It's a filly," said Dad. "She's just been born Can I go Stroke her?" asked Ryan.

Ryan looked across the paddock with his binoculars. The foal was half-covered with a sack.   That sack was actually inside of Del's Stomach. That's weird right. They had called the Foal Dotsi. So then Del and Dotsi got measured by the vet.

Why? Well they Vet measured their temperature to see if they were Healthy enough or not. So then the measuring and using the temperature began and Dotsi and Del were VERY healthy.  "So then Dotsi will grow up to be a tall mare just like her mother" Said Ryan. 

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