Friday, November 9, 2012

My Scary Story

Walking through the narrow alleyway, I saw a black board.  It was a black board on a snowy street filled with names.  There was a big space in the middle and I knew I needed to fill in my name as well, so then  I did. I wrote Alma.

Names were everywhere all over the blackboard, but I hadn’t seen these kids anywhere around the town for a long time. Looking behind me it felt like someone was watching me. But there was nobody, just a scary looking shop that looked like the head of a Shark.  It was no one, just a doll that looked exactly like me, I looked at my clothes then at the doll. It was me. I was very very very afraid. I  really liked this doll because it was  me but it scared me a lot too. Turning away from it for just a second, the doll suddenly disappeared!

Looking through the windows of the doll shop, I found it again, it was me up on a shelf. I tried to open the door but it didn’t. Picking up a snow ball I threw it at the door. Slowly I walked away, by then I heard a scratching noise from the door.  The door had opened. As I rushed back to the door I looked left then right for the doll, but there it was right in front of my face. Reaching for it I accidentally stood on a doll that rode a bike, it looked like he was trying to escape.

Happily getting onto a table I reached with my long hands and tried to get it. Touch. Touching the doll with my hands I felt so heavy I couldn’t even move either I only could look around. By then the next doll turned up on the shelf and it was my  friend Jordenne.

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