Monday, August 27, 2012

Pretending to be Liu Xiang

Getting ready for the race I felt nervous. Winning is one of my goals that I need to achieve. Because in our country where the 2008 Olympics were held, I sadly fell down while running. By then I heard a man say “ Get your marks get set go” He yelled . Speeding in the start I got so tired.

Running on the track, heading for the first hurdle I fell down. “ OUUUUUCCCCC HHHHH” I cried.  What have I done, I have disappointed my country. Crashing to the ground my achilles tendons got sore each time I moved. This was so embarrassing I needed to get out of this place.

As I hopped out of the Stadium, embarrassingly, people started to stare. Hopping along the track, a bunch of people tried to help me. As I got near the end, I kissed the hurdle and two kind friends came to help me. One was from Great Britain and the other was from Spain. This was my time to retire.

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