Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Crazy Scientist who thought he was tough enough to be in a Blizzard!

Huge Blizzards are really scary right. Well some Scientists were visiting Antarctica while out of nowhere a Blizzard had hit. A person named Jack had went out of the building to check how strong was it. By then he had never survived back. .  The Scientists had tried looking for him everywhere in Antarctica, but never had any Luck..

Jack had woke up and was trying to figure out where he was. He had lay on a big block of ice near the beach.  “ Ohh Noo I think that I have been caught in a Blizzard a Huge one” Jack said with shock. Then he layed back down and went back to Sleep.

then he was terrified.   Jack had woke up again with marks on his face, marks of a beck that had been  poking him. He woke and a bunch of Emperor Penguins were surrounding  around him. By then he had just found out that he was in Emperor Land.  With so many Emperor Penguins around him.  Jack had started to  get more and more information about Emperor Penguins.

While yelling everywhere for any sign of Scientists he said  " Hello anyone gonna Look for me" Jack said. Then all the bunch of Scientists had came to Emperor land. They had been shocked seeing Jack with Penguins. So then Jack scientists happy to get some information from Emperor Penguins. Hope that Jack wouldn't went into the Blizzard.!!

Thanks to Ana for Editing my writing.

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